Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slyy's Extremely Ticklish Bare Feet, which is titled in the video, Tickling her Ticklish Bare Feet, is a short, video of a young woman named Slyy who is on an inversion table, and is tickled to tears.

In the beginning of the video you can just catch the end of the phrase, "Oh God," and it is a very telling statement. From the first stroke, Slyy is in a hysteria that would make many tickle torture fans proud.

To say that Slyy is ticklish is like saying that the earth is a planet. It doesn't do the situation justice, at all.

Slyy is so ticklish that when she  is being tickled, there are spots on her bare feet that are even more ticklish ,and will send her laughter higher and higher. By the middle of the video, she is almost crying, but even on the verge of tears, the young woman is continuously brought back from the brink by another of her sweet spots on her feet. It's so fun watching Slyy squirm on the inversion table.

I particularly enjoyed this work for the most part. It had a ticklee that knew she was going to be tickled, hard, and she knew how ticklish she was. The way she said "Oh God," was like, "Why the Hell am I in here?"

My only gripe in this video is that the video was too short. I would have enjoyed it if it were much longer. At least ten minutes long. But that's the way things go sometimes. The most beautiful things sometimes last the shortest amount of time.

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